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Privacy Policy

TAIWAN SHAN PORSCHE CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as the company) to protect the "CiBeiYin" website ( https://www.cibeiyin.com/, hereinafter referred to as "this site") users' personal data, has made the following privacy policy, and will abide by this privacy policy and relevant legal provisions. Please read in detail the following statements:

I. Collection, Processing and Utilization of the Personal Information

1. Purpose of Collection

The personal data and usage records you provided to this website, will be used by the company to contact you, to provide products or services (including and not limited to market analysis, logistics, order processing procedures, etc.) and other related purposes, and to show you what we think you may be interested in, based on your usage records.

2. Categories of Personal Data

2.1 Identify data in personal, financial and government data, characteristic data of personal description, social situation data of life style, data related to financial transactions, data related to business information and other categories of personal data according to the authority.

2.2 This web site uses the technique of Cookies to store information in a user's computer, only to record the use of shopping cart items or personalized services. Cookies are a means for Web site servers to communicate with user browsers, and if you are unwilling to open this feature, you can cancel or restrict this feature via browser settings. Please visit our cookies policy for more information.

3. Period, Areas, Targets and Method of Use of Personal Data

3.1 Period: The company's operating period.

3.2 Areas: The territory inside and outside of the Republic of China, including the location of the host of the company's network server, and the services or/or merchandise distribution and marketing area.

3.3 Targets:

3.3.1 The company and the third party used by the company to provide the services of the site or (and) to perform transactions (such as the fulfillment of orders, delivery of parcels, processing of credit card payments or providing customer service).

3.3.2 The company's partner manufacturers and organizations, as well as the (international) Bodhi Meditation related legal persons and organizations, may use your personal data, based on purposes such as the promotion of meditation, Buddhadharma, health information or curriculum.

3.4 Method: The use is in accordance with the law.

II. Inquiries and Changes to Personal Data

1. You are entitled to exercise the following rights in respect of your personal data provided to the company:

1.1 Query or request reading.

1.2 Request a copy.

1.3 Request supplements or corrections.

1.4 Request to stop collecting, processing or using.

1.5 Request deletion.

1.6 Request to reject marketing.

2. In conjunction with your inquiries in the preceding paragraph, the request to read personal data or a copy, the company may request a fee.

3. You can use the account and password at any time to inquire or change your personal data as a member of the site, but transaction records, payment data, message data, are not within the scope. The subscription and cancellation of the newsletter will also be operated from the website.

III. Third-Party Links

This web site may contain links to other relevant websites or web pages. Content and privacy policy of the linked websites or web pages, are not related to the company, thus please judge their security yourself.

IV. Revision of Privacy Policy

significant changes affecting your rights and interests, the store will post a notice at the appropriate location of the website.

V. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of the terms of this privacy policy shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China. Disputes arising from the terms of this privacy policy shall be subject to the first jurisdiction of the Taipei Local Court of Taiwan, unless otherwise mandated by law.

VI. Languages

Should there be a conflict in meaning or terms among the Traditional Chinese language version of this privacy policy and the other language version of this privacy policy, the Traditional Chinese language version shall prevail.