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Grandmaster JinBodhi is a contemporary enlightened man, the founder of Bodhi Dharma Society and Bodhi Meditation, the Grandmaster of Energy Bagua, and the author of "Look at the Ups and Downs of Life through an Enlightened Eye". With great compassion and infinite wisdom, the Master travels around the world to teach Buddhadharma and help people. Tens of millions of people have benefited from his Bodhi Meditation.

CiBeiYin (The Voice of Compassion in English Translation) Online Shop is honored to get Grandmaster JinBodhi’s authorization to distribute his audios, videos and books.

The meditation methods taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi are simple, easy to learn, and yield quick results; they are suitable for modern people to practice, and they help people enhance their body energy quickly, relieve all kinds of pressure, delay aging and become healthy and happy.

By learning the principles behind meditation, one can also find a deep sense of self-awareness which allows one to gain a clearer perspective on the world and better understand laws of Nature. Heightened self-awareness leads to better capability at handling challenges, maintaining harmony in the family and creating a successful career. Through meditation and spiritual cultivation, one accumulates merit and thereby transforms daily life into a path of freedom and auspiciousness.

We hope that the CiBeiYin online shop can help you quickly attain health and happiness!


CiBeiYin Online Store is inspired by Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassion to help all sentient beings. Part of each income will be donated to financially challenged students for them to have a chance to receive education and create better future.


To learn more about Grandmaster JinBodhi, please visit his website: www.jinbodhi.org

To learn more about the Bodhi Dharma Society and Bodhi Meditation founded by Grandmaster JinBodhi, please click: www.puti.org


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