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Nanhong Maitreya Buddha Pendant

Product Number:  JSP22111710


Size: Length: 4.5 * Thickness 1 cm

Nan Hong Agate, renowned as the "diamond of agates," is beloved for its noble and elegant colors and its smooth and delicate texture by royalty throughout history. With its radiant, fine-grained, porcelain-like appearance, excellent translucency, and vibrant, glossy colors, it is often hailed as the "diamond among agates."

Nan Hong Agate contains a warm energy that, when worn regularly, is believed to nourish the heart and blood, improve cold constitutions, and particularly benefit women with cold uterine conditions or chilly extremities. Additionally, it is thought to aid in regulating blood pressure, calming the heart rate, moisturizing the skin, relieving stress, and enhancing sleep quality.

The pure and lustrous red color of Nan Hong Agate exudes strong positive energy. As one of the seven treasures in Buddhism, it is not only considered an excellent talisman for warding off evil but also believed to be a mystical gem for communication with deities.

Natural Nan Hong Agate is believed to enhance good fortune, bringing prosperity and wealth to the wearer. It is said to support both personal and professional development.

This Nan Hong Maitreya Buddha pendant, blessings from Grandmaster JinBodhi lineage and various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, is said to bestow unparalleled merits and benefits upon the wearer. It is believed to protect the well-being of the entire family, bringing brightness to the body and mind, ensuring good fortune and success, facilitating financial abundance, and allowing for smooth progress in life and career. Moreover, it is said to ward off disasters, extend life and prosperity, and enhance both virtue and wisdom.

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Size: Length: 4.5 * Thickness 1 cm

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