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Lotus Guanyin Jadeite pendant-2327

Product Number:  JSP20122327


Size: W2.5xH4cm(±5%)

Jadeite is generally evaluated based on its "variety, translucency, color, and craftsmanship." The value of a piece of jadeite is often reflected through its carving craftsmanship.

This precious treasure, the "Lotus Guanyin Jadeite Pendant," features a Guanyin wearing a Buddhist crown, with hair tied high, eyes slightly closed, gazing compassionately at all beings. She holds a dharma seal and is accompanied by a lifelike lotus. The intricate carving is layered and detailed. It employs skillful carving techniques, with the green areas distributed on the lotus petals, perfectly and meticulously crafted. The face of the bodhisattva exudes compassion and serenity, making it a rare and valuable artwork.

Blessed by Grandmaster JinBodhi, those who are fortunate enough to acquire it will gain a compassionate heart and a pure mind, boundless wisdom, prosperity for descendants, good fortune, and the ability to help countless people.

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Size: W2.5xH4cm(±5%)

Jadeite belongs to the category of hard jade in the world of jade and is known as the "king of jade". "Fei" refers to the color red and "cui" refers to the color green. Although jadeite is called "jadeite", it comes in a wide variety of colors, each with its own unique characteristics.

Regular wearing of jadeite can make it even more translucent, and sometimes even subtle changes can occur in its base color, as if it has been "activated" by being worn. If it is worn constantly and never removed, the jadeite will become even more spiritual and resonate more strongly with the wearer, not only bringing protection from disasters and evil, but also promoting good health, safety, prosperity, and good luck.

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