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JINBODHI Agarwood Incense(30 cm)

Product Number:  501006110005

The nature incense of Agarwood or Sandalwood can purify your environment and energy. Burning incense can prevent some infectious disease and calm user's mind because of the special fragrant scent.

Size: 30 cm

Format : 50 pieces / tube

Trademark: JINBODHI

US $30

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Burning good incense will help you become more congeniality.

The incense is made by ancient way.

It produces less smoke but more fragrant when you burn incense.

Grandmaster Jinbodhi gives a lot of blessing and positive energy to these incense stick.

Burning incense can prevent bad luck and disaster.

The fragrant will purify your energy and bring you peace and good fortune.

Size: 30 cm

Format : 50 pieces / tube

Usage notice:

  1. Burning incense promotes mindfulness, calm and relax. The incense is made of natural materials such as Agarwood or Sandalwood.
  2. Burning ingredients can prevent some infectious disease because the fragrant scent can purify your environment and energy.
  3. Please note that don’t burn too many incense at one time, and avoid the incense which contains chemical flavor as possible as you can.

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