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Bracelets - 2 eyed dzi 15x13mm

Product Number:  F401018020801

Wish all wearers purity, ease auspiciousness and perfection in all aspects.

Dzi Beads are the treasures from heaven, containing Universal spiritual essence and magnetic energy.

Size: About 15x13 mm

Different bead designs and patterns represent different kinds of energy.

Dzi Bead Type

Hand string inner diameter:6~7.5 cm Elastic drawstring

How to choose a suitable rosary that suits your hand?

The same shipping cost applies if ordering less or equal to 4 pieces with same size, which can be mixed in different patterns.

US $68

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Product Details


Dzi Beads~the spiritual treasures of good luck and peace.

Dzi Beads are the treasures from heaven, containing Universal spiritual essence and magnetic energy.

The patterns of “Heavenly eye” represent the greatest evil-dispelling eye between Heaven and Earth. They can purify the impurities inside out, drive away evil demons and bestow wearers auspicious protection.

These Dzi Beads are natural minerals and the patterns are distressed. Each one of them is second to none. Only bid if you truly acknowledge and accept such differences.

With different color material beads, handmade. Only bid if you truly acknowledge and accept such differences.

Please read the following instructions before purchase:

  1. Patterns: As patters of Dzi Beads are hand-made distressed, each one’s position looks second to none. It can only be shipped in the order pattern. Therefore, one shall not expect their order to look EXACTLY like how it is shown in the photos.
  2. Size Difference: Different batches of item sizes may have small differences. These beads have a thickness about ±5%, which is considered a normal range.
  3. Natural minerals: Dzi Bead is a natural agate mineral. As they are hand-made distressed, each of which has unique natural reddish, blackish textures which differs in light transmission, stone pattern, crack, mineral mark, etc. due to factors such as origin, composition, collection time, etc. However, please rest assured in selecting and purchasing as each bead is carefully selected.
  4. Color difference:Due to different shooting techniques, lighting, etc, the color of the actual article and the page of the product may have different degrees of color difference.
  5. Your trust and understanding is our greatest satisfaction. If you have any questions during the purchase process, please leave a message or contact us. We strive to satisfy with our customer-oriented service.
  6. After the order is established, it takes seven working days to ship. Please be patient.
  7. If you are not familiar with the purchase, please feel free to email us.

Common Questions

  1. After wearing the piece for a period of time, soak it in a solution of lukewarm water and rock salt for about 10 minutes. Rinse it with cold water and wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  2. Additionally, you may lay it under the sun at noon for one to two hours; this can help purify it.
  3. Don’t subject it to force or impact.
  4. Keep it away from dirty environments.


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