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Brass Golden Offering Bowl-380

Product Number:  CBK240325380

Material: Brass

Size: Diameter: 8.3 * Height 6 cm (±3%)

In ancient times, copper utensils could only be used by noble royals, it only become popular in later generations. Even in modern times, many Buddha statues, vajras, and utensils for Buddha are all made of copper, which also represents the auspiciousness and excellence of copper.

This gold-colored bowlhas been blessed by Grandmaster JinBodhi with his auspicious energy. Grandmaster JinBodhi named it the "Bronze Golden Offering Bowl" representing wealth and good fortune. It means having a job for a lifetime, with no worries about food and clothing. It's a treasure bowl to gather your own happiness, wealth and all precious things. At the critical moment of your life, you will be a blockbuster!

How to use:
1. Because the golden rice bowl, offering bowl, offering cup, etc. are old items and not new, there may be some scratches or copper rust, so they have been cleaned with detergent. Before use, please wash it several times with dish soap and scald it with hot water.
2. Put it on the Buddhist hall to supply water and rice.
3. Put a few coins in the bowl on the financial position at home.

This product is not new, it may have patina or scratches, and the shape of this style is slightly different, It ships randomly. Please understand before buying.

US $380

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Product Details


Material: Brass

Size: Diameter: 8.3 * Height 6 cm (±3%)

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  3. If you have any questions during the purchase process, please leave a message or contact us.。
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  5. Due to rare items, this product does not provide return or exchange services.
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