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My Account Q&A

Q1: If creating a new account, can you move the order history of the old account to the new account?

No. The transaction order is recorded with the account number and the user email at the time of the purchase, and the history record cannot be moved when the account is changed. You still need the old account in order to check the previous ordering record.

Q2: Why do you need to change the personal passwords often?

For protecting your data security and preventing others from deliberately stealing your personal information, it is recommended that you update the password regularly. To change the password, please click on "Account" in the account information, check "Change Password", then you can update your password.

Q3: What if you forget both account name and the password?

If you lost your account name and password, please contact cibeiyin.na@gmail.com.

Q4: How to modify personal information?

After logging in, please click "Account", choose the information that you want to edit, then you can edit the corresponding information. Note: before you order, please make sure your information is up to date to protect your rights.