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My Account

At the top menu of any page on this site, you can click "Account" and check your orders, transaction history, update your account information, or view and edit your personal information. In Account Dashboard's recent orders and "My Orders" tab, there are the following information:

"Recent Orders": Displays information of your latest 5 orders.

"View All": View all your order history records. Here are the detailed records of each order, such as order number, date, shipment address, order totals, etc.

"View Order": You can view transaction details for this order.


  1. Pending: The order is newly created, has not been processed, and the payment has not been completed.
  2. Pending Payment: The order payment has not been completed, and the order has not been formally established.
  3. Processing: The order has been paid, and is waiting for the website to verify.
  4. Complete: Indicates that the order is completed.
  5. Canceled: Indicates that the order has been cancelled.
  6. Closed: This order has been processed for return and refund.

"Reorder": It is convenient for you to buy the products that you bought before.

"Cancel": Cancel the order. This function needs to be executed before the bill is created, that is, the order status is pending payment or pending.


Left tab page summary:

"ACCOUNT DASHBOARD": The main page of my account.

"ACCOUNT INFORMATION" : You can edit and modify your profile or password.

"ADDRESS BOOK": You can edit or add your billing address and shipping address.

"MY ORDERS": View order records.

"MY PRODUCT QUESTIONS": View the comments, questions, or message records you have uploaded on the product page.

"WISHLIST": View all the items you put into your wish list, to make it easier for you to buy later.

"NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS": Subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter. Through the newsletter, we will share the latest news of the website with you.

"MY DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCTS": View the records and downloads of your ordered downloadable products.