Welcome to CiBeiYin North America Store

Easy Shopping

Welcome to CiBeiYin North America Store! Our website adopts a member system, you should register as a member before or during checkout.

I. Shopping steps:

1. Step One:You can select the language you want on the top right of any page.

1) If your browser is the traditional Chinese version, the default value of the displaying language is traditional Chinese.

2) If your browser is the simplified Chinese version, the default value of the displaying language is simplified Chinese.

3) If your browser is the English version, the default value of the displaying language is English.

4) You can also select the above three languages as you need.

2. Step Two: If you are a member already, please log in.

3. Step Three: Select a product.

4. Step Four: Add the product to the shopping chart. After finishing confirmation of all the products in the shopping cart, click "Proceed to Checkout".

5. Step Five: Enter the checkout page and fill in the following data:

1) Review your order drop down list shows the order detail, including tax information if applied.

2) Name and Address: If you've logged in, you can select the existing billing address from your address book or enter a new address. Otherwise, you can enter your billing address, and passwords for registering membership at the same time.

3) Discount Codes: If you have a coupon code, please enter here and click "APPLY".

4) Order Comment: If you need to input any ordering comment, you can enter here.

5) Payment Method:

  • ECPay:ECPay is a famous Taiwan Internet Payment Service Provider, support credit cards such as VISA/MasterCard/JCB/China UnionPay. When you choose ECPay as payment method, and submit the order, you will be redirect to ECPay payment page, and following the instruction to finish the order.
    Note 1:Users in mainland China can choose "China UnionPay" in the ECPay payment page.
  • PayPal : PayPal is an international payment company, supporting many different type of credit cards or debit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express. You can also register as a PayPal member and use its services for payment.
    Note 1:Users with address in Taiwan cannot use PayPal, due to local policy restriction.
    Note 2:Users in mainland China must register as PayPal members before they can use credit card payment through PayPal.

6) Place Order: If all the order information is confirmed, please click "Place Order Now" to submit the order and enter the Payment flow.

6. Step Six: After the order is completed, you will receive the order confirmation email, including detailed order content and the link to the order.

7. Step Seven: After we confirm that the payment is complete for the order, you will receive the bill email for confirmation. Please reconfirm the contents of the bill. If there are downloadable products, please click the links inside the email to download.

II. Physical Invoice:

Taiwan customers will receive physical invoice through mail based on customer's address. Please keep it properly for follow-up inqueries and future reference.

III. Product Prices

1. Currency: The price of this website is denominated in US dollars.

2. Tax: Taiwanese customers will need to pay 5% TAX.

3. Exchange rate:

1) The product price on this website is denominated in US dollars, so the price of the commodity other than the US dollars will fluctuate with the international exchange rate.

2) If you pay in other currencies other than US dollars for the order, the payment will be converted to US dollars according to your credit card or payment company's exchange rate. It is recommended that you check with your payment company for the exchange rate.

IV. Shopping tips:

1. Quick search and purchase

If you already know the name or partial name of the product, you can enter the search term at the top of any page.

You can also go to "Categories" menu, click any product category to go to the corresponding category page to find your favorite products.

2. Wish List wishlist "Add to Wishlist": You can collect your favorite products, or store the products for future view and check out. You can always access your wish list, browse the products you've collected, and save you time to search or pick up products in the future.

This icon will be displayed when you browse the web and slide your mouse cursor over or near the product image. When you click this icon, the product will be included in your wish list. You can click "WISHLIST" at the top of any page or "Wishlist" in "Account" to manage your collections.

3. Compare compare "Add to Compare": This is a special product comparison designed for you, so you can do a comparison of similar products, making it more convenient for you to choose products. When you browse your product on a webpage, hover your mouse over or near the product image, and the icon will be displayed. Clicking it will include the product in your "Compare". You can find or manage the contents of "Compare" at the top of any page.

Go to the "Compare" page and it lists the pictures, prices and content details of the products you collect, making it easier to choose from your selections.

Help: If you have any questions, you are welcome to click Contact Us.